Smoke pellets

The range of RPS smoke pellets are used for variable smoke volume, burn time and smoke colour are ideal for a wide range of safety tests. Encapsulated pellets are easy to light, with an easy-grip finger base and produce a greater volume of smoke than regular pellets and cartridges.

Benefits of Smoke Pellets

  • Variable smoke volume: encapsulated pellets produce the greatest smoke volume, for large industrial smoke testing.

  • Variable burn time: suits a range of tasks.

  • Range of smoke colours: choose from white or red or orange smoke for high visibility, particularly on a grey day when white smoke is hard to see.

  • Easy to light: with matches or a flame lighter.

  • Easy to grip: encapsulated pellets feature an ergonomic finger base

Choose from a range of smoke pellet cartridges or pellets to carry out stove flue testing, testing of chimney, flue leakages, gas leaks and vents. 

VAT Excluded

Industry Leading Smoke Pellets Perfect for Gas Leakage Detection, Chimney Smoke Tests and Airflow Visualisation Delivered Nationwide

Leading supplier of Smoke Pellets across the UK. Having serviced an array of clients and sectors including plumbers, gas engineers, and chimney experts, our supply of smoke pellets are perfect for the likes of testing chimney and flue leakages, blockages, airflow visualisation, drain testing, and more. We have a mixed variety of smoke pellets that are encapsulated or in tablet form, the smoke pellets vary in smoke volume, burn time & smoke colour, plus a variety of sizes from 3 gram, 5 gram, 8 gram, 9 gram & 13 gram. For more information on our smoke pellets, contact us today.

Smoke Pellets are a cost-effective tool to have in for any engineer’s arsenal. They are an excellent method for gas pipeline leak detection and is a system that will help you save time, money, and effort. Our smoke pellets, or, commonly referred to as smoke bombs, come in a variety of volumes including 3, 5, 8, 9, and 13 grams and pride ourselves on accommodating our client’s needs. Whether you are looking for smoke pellet by size or coloured smoke pellets, we have the appropriate smoke pellets perfect for your requirements. We supply our smoke pellets to customers out of the UK, nationwide and offer a quick delivery service for all our products.

We pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality industry standard smoke pellets for customer use. Smoke cartridges, or smoke pellets offer array of benefits.

  • For large, industrial smoke testing, each of our smoke pellets produce great volumes of smoke offering versatility of use.

  • Smoke pellets offer a variable burn time meaning you are not constrained to work quickly before the smoke runs out.

  • We provide an arrange of coloured smoke bombs to suit a selection of requirements.

  • Light weight and simple to use.

  • Excellent Visual Tool for gas leakage detection and plumbing


If you require more information regarding smoke pellets, and how they can support your business needs, contact us today. Whether you are a gas engineer looking for a quick, cost effect gas leak detection system by using smoke pellets or you want to check the airflow of your chimney, we can accommodate and consult on the most appropriate capsule for your needs. For more insight and information on our smoke pellets, contact us today.