SnapLok Stove Shop and Installer Kit

SnapLok Stove Shop & Installer Kit


This kit has primarily been designed for professional stove and liner installers/stove shop that pre sweep customers flues prior to dropping a liner, and maintain their own installation once the liner has been installed.


With this kit you can carry out a pre-liner installation power sweep up to 12 meters in normal open flues and power sweep 5", 6" & 8" liners. 


The power heads supplied are a 9"/230mm SnapLok Bullet Whip, 5" Mini Mole Rotary Brush, 6" Mini Mole Rotary Brush for liners and for pre-liner sweeps and debris removal work, a 24"/600mm Snaplok Death Star with Scrub Shaft, Chain Whip and Chain Whip Double for tar removal, a SnapLok Cable Whip head for any potential birds nests and RPS Clay Liner Breaker for removing old ceramic liners.


This system is highly efficient and it takes less than 30 seconds to connect all the double button lock rods together. The rods are quadruple crimped to the fittings/ferrules on either end of the rod, and the steel is heat treated for extra strength/durability and double plated for extra corrosion resistance. ALL the buttons are Stainless Steel.


The kit includes both the normal drill adaptor and the breaker version, plus two rod caddy bags to place all your rods into.

SnapLok Stove Shop and Installer Kit

  • 13 x 12mm Solid Nylon Liner Rods - Solid Stainless Steel Ferrules

    2 x 15mm Solid Nylon Rods - Steel Ferrules
    10 x 18mm Solid Nylon Rods - Steel Ferrules
    1 x 9"/230mm Bullet Whip Head

    1 x 5" Mini Mole Rotary Liner Brush

    1 x 6" Mini Mole Rotary Brush
    1 x 24"/600mm Death Star with Scrub Shaft

    1 x SnapLok Large Drill Adaptor

    1 x SnapLok Large HEX Breaking Drill Adaptor

    1 x SnapLok Chain Whip - Adjustable 9"/18"

    1 x SnapLok Chain Whip Double - Adjustable 9"/12"

    1 x RPS Clay Breaker Small
    1 x SnapLok Hex Key (For changing whip line)
    2 x Snaplok 3ft Rod Bag

    1 x SnapLok Steel Wire Cable Nest Whip 450mm