SnapLok Guild Of Master Chimney Sweep Starter Kit - Liner Rod Kit

SnapLok Guild Of Master Chimney Sweep Starter Kit - Liner Rod Option


This kit has been primarily designed for the professional chimney sweep who intends to or completed the Guild of Master Chimney Sweep Training Course.


The GOMS kit is primarily manual sweep biased but with the intervention of our RPS rotary moles and mini moles we believe that this kit does a similar job if not better than just a manual sweep kit. RPS has sold 100's of mole brushes to Guild members.


With these kits you can sweep all sizes of liners from 4" upwards and open chimneys. Using a combination of different rod sizes to sweep a flue of various widths and heights. For example an open flue at 11 metres, use 4 of the 15mm rods and 7 of the 18mm rods. The kits come with either the 12mm SnapLok Solid Nylon Liner Rods or the Wohler Viper, the choice is yours.  


The power heads supplied are a 9"/230mm SnapLok Bullet for liners and the superb 24" Death Star Whip Head with Scrub Shaft, which ideal as a large scrub head for removing tar, nests or the remnants of Creaway. The length of line can be adjusted very easily by removing the screw in the base of the head to allow the whip line be replaced for a different size.


The Wohler Steel Framed Viper with 9mm x 20m Rod, can be used standing upright or in horizontal position, integrated holder for stars and rod guide. 


The SnapLok Double Button system is highly efficient and takes less than 30 seconds to connect all the double button lock rods together, plus having dual buttons there is no fear of rod disconnection in the flue as compared to single button systems! The rods are all completely corrosion resistant as the ferrules/fittings are all high grade steel, apart from the 12mm rods which are manufactured from stainless steel, this keeps the rods really light and therefore flow a lot smoother in a steel liner, with no ‘liner slap’ that occurs as with heavy brass fittings. All the rods are quadruple crimped on either side of the rod ferrule/fitting. There is also a sizeable tolerance so that when the rods are connected there is enough movement to prevent the soot from jamming the rods together and therefore aids in the disconnecting of the rods.


The 12mm liner rods are white in colour and the larger 15mm/18mm/22mm rods are black in colour. We do not make a white lead rod, as we feel that this is a weakness in the kit. Using the same rod as a lead rod every time makes that one lead rod very weak after a period of time, and in our experience using other systems this can lead to a breakage of the lead rod, so rotating all the rods in the kit is the preferred method of power sweeping. 

SnapLok Guild Of Master Chimney Sweep Starter Kit - Liner Rod Kit

  • RODS

    15 x 12mm - 90cm Solid Nylon Liner Rods/Stainless Steel Ferrules

    5 x 15mm - 1m Solid Nylon Rods/Stainless Steel Ferrules
    12 x 18mm - 1m Solid Nylon Rods/Stainless Steel Ferrules

    5 x 22mm - 1m Polypropylene Rods/Steel Ferrules



    5” Mini Rotary Soft Mole Brush

    6” Mini Rotary Soft Mole Brush

    8” Mini Rotary Soft Mole Brush

    14” Hard Mole Rotary Brush

    14” Soft Mole Rotary Brush

    17” Hard Mole Rotary Brush

    17” Soft Mole Rotary Brush



    1 x 9"/230mm Bullet Whip Head(5" - 8" Liners)

    1 x 24"/600mm Death Star with Scrub Shaft(Open Chimneys)

    1 x SnapLok Steel Cable Nest Whip 450mm


    1 x SnapLok Brush/Nest Retrieval Tool

    1 x Rotating Handle with SnapLok Adaptor

    1 x SnapLok Drill Adaptor

    1 x SnapLok to Whitworth Adaptor(For Manual Brushes)

    1 x SnapLok to Universal Adaptor(For Manual Brushes)

    2 x SnapLok 4ft Zipped Rod Bag

    1 x SnapLok 3ft Rod Caddy Bag