RPS 'The Mole' Rotary Brush - 17" SOFT

'The Mole' Rotary Brush - SOFT - 17" with SnapLok Adaptor


This specialist rotary chimney sweep brush has been designed for rotary power sweeping in traditional brick flues, particularly where the chimney lining is old and the mortar is coming away internally. It has a central inner brush and an outer brush and it is made of a very fine specialist perlon bristle. The inner brush has been designed to stay centralised in the flue, whilst the outer gets into the square corners. 


It comes with a ball on the top to protect the flue wall and a M10 male thread on the bottom end. It comes together with a roll pinned SnapLok adaptor, so can be spun in both directions.


We have had great reports from chimney sweeps that this is now their go to piece of kit when sweeping old brick open chimney flues. There are three sizes of Mole brushes, 14", 17" and the 24".


RPS have now developed the 'Hard' Mole in 14" & 17", this has been requested by sweeps who are after a stiff rotary mole, who have to tackle phurnacite and harder residue in the chimney flue.

RPS 'The Mole' Rotary Brush - 17" SOFT