RPS Camera Pole - 9.5m Inspection

RPS Camera Pole - 9.5m


The camera pole is very light and compact at 1.15m at closed length. The contents includes a neoprene adjustable band to hold the Ferret Sweeps Wifi Extender onto the camera pole.


This is a great bit of kit combined with the Ferret Sweeps camera as you can look at chimney stacks and pots without the need to get ladders or scaffolding for a quick visual check.


With the RPS Camera Pole we are offering a selection of accessories that can be purchased with the camera pole.


  • Ferret Sweeps Wrist or Pole Phone Holder - Fits 3.5”- 6” smartphones or devices. Can be set at any angle for viewing on the wrist or the RPS Camera Pole.
  • Portable Charger Pack - 5000mAh/2.1A Output, ideal for the Ferret WIFI Extender as very slim and can easily be attached to the RPS Camera Pole. 10cm x 3cm.

RPS Camera Pole - 9.5m