GloveZilla Nitrile Heavy Duty Gloves Covid

GloveZilla Nitrile Heavy Duty Gloves


100 x GloveZilla Heavy Duty Nitrile 'Gripper' Gloves are manufactured from extra strong synthetic nitrile rubber, making them much stronger and durable than most disposable type gloves on the market.



• Powder Free black textured Nitrile Gloves

• CE category III

• Excellent elasticity

• Textured for added gripChemical - Breakthrough Timen-Heptane(J) - More than 30 Mins (level 2).Sodium Hydroxide 40%(K) - More than 480 Mins (level 6).Additional Chemical TestAmmonia 25% - More than 10 Mins (level 1).Formaldehyde 37%- More than 480 Mins (level 6).Hydrogen Peroxide 30% - More than 480 Mins (level 6)

• EN420: 2003 +A1:2009

• EN 374-2: 2014

• EN 374-3: 2003

GloveZilla Nitrile Heavy Duty Gloves

  • Since March 2020, the raw material cost for Nitrile has increased by 45% due to PPE demands because of COVID-19, plus the cost for container shipping has doubled due to a whole variety of reasons. Therefore the cost of a box of gloves pre-COVID was £9.65 + VAT and has now increased dramatically to £20.00 + VAT. We are advised that in the futrue Nitrile prices will come down in price, but perhaps not until 2022.