Birchmeier DR5 Dust Powder Sprayer Creaway Hotspot GCT Chimney Sweep

Birchmeier DR5 Dust Powder Sprayer


For application of Creaway or Glazed Creosote Treatment(GCT) powder in to liners and chimney flues.


Holds 5-8lbs (2kg-5kg) held in the polythene tank which incorporates a pump assembly allowing the user to pressurise the sprayer without external power source. Pressure relief valve included Maximum operating pressure is 3 bar, which is pretty powerful in action. 

Birchmeier DR5 Dust Powder Sprayer

  • Filling the tank:

    On each occasion first fully release the pressure in the tank by lifting the pressure-relief valve. Unscrew the pump and fill the tank; the maximum permissible volume of powder must not be exceeded (see level-mark on the tank), so that sufficient space remains for the air-cushion.

    Pressurizing the tank:

    Screw in the pump (4) and tighten the connection firmly. Release the pump handle from the locked position by pressing down on it slightly and turning it to the left. Pump up until the red mark appears on the pressure-relief valve. Operating pressure has then been reached. Fasten the pump handle in the locked position again.

    Compressed air:

    In order to pump up the appliance using an external pressure source a pressure-reducing valve must be used, set to a maximum pressure of 3 bar. When a pressure of 3 bar has been reached the pressure source must be removed.

    Carrying the sprayer:

    The appliance can be carried either by the pump-handle, when this is locked, or by means of the carrying-strap over the shoulder.


    The material is discharged by operating the pistol-valve (11). During operation the container must be shaken regularly.

    Releasing the pressure:

    When spraying is completed or before unscrewing the pump in order to re-fill or empty the tank the pressure must be fully released by lifting the pressure-relief valve (3). When doing this, hold the appliance at an angle, away from the body.

    Care and maintenance:

    After use the appliance must be emptied; never store powder in the appliance. Unscrew the pump and empty the container.

    Store the equipment away from the effects of frost. For storage the powder-tube may be hooked onto the pump handle.

    Particular attention must be given to parts which are subject to wear, such as gaskets. These parts are easily replaceable.

    Blow through the powder-tube and hose (not with the mouth). On no account oil any part of the appliance. Screw the pump in only loosely when the appliance is not in use.

    Spare parts and repairs:

    If any part shows signs of damage or wear, replace it immediately. Use only BIRCHMEIER original parts