Bandit 8Ltr Compressor Air Hose GCT Hotspot Creaway Chimney Sweep

Bandit 8Ltr Compressor & Air Hose


The Bandit IV 8 litre portable compressor is ideal for applying Creaway or GCT(Glazed Creosote Treatment) thanks to it's impressive 8 litre capacity,, 1HP, 4.5cfm air displacement and 8bar maximum working pressure. Also includes Professional recoil air hose, 25 ft (7.62M) length.

Bandit 8Ltr Compressor & Air Hose - CLA-COMP-8LTR

    • 750W - 230V 1hp Compressor
    • Automatic On/Off Control
    • Air Pressure Regulator
    • 8 Litre Receiver Capacity
    • 4.5cfm air displacement - 8bar Maximum Working Pressure
    • Dimensions: 460x225x450mm
    • Weight: 16kg